Daily Inklings: Writer’s Room

I was tagged by the lovely Matt at Normal Happenings to take part in their Daily Inklings Writing Prompt. I’ve wanted to take part in Daily Inklings for a while but never quite got round to it. Now I’ve been officially tagged, I don’t really have an excuse not to!

My dream writing room

I sit hunched over a huge black and red lettered gaming laptop in the corner of the room. It swamps my laptop tray which is standing in for a proper desk, sat on the floor. My desk chair is nothing but an overlarge cushion. Before long I can feel the hard floor through it. My back complains. Shouting echoes of future pains if I spend too much of my twenties in this unnatural position.

Behind my laptop are clothes horses laden with washing. To my left a jungle of light-starved plants that are out growing this tiny flat. On the right, too full bookshelves hug the corner of the room. All the wall space is filled with mismatched furniture. The light is a dim glow, the brown carpets and marked magnolia walls setting an unhealthy jaundice tinge to the room that is living room/dining room/study/kitchen/storage. This is not an inspiring place for writing. 

In a few months we hope to find our dream home. Or as close as you can get to a dream home as a first time buyer in the UK. However, Brexit might be good for one thing, lower house prices.

For now, as we struggle on in our small flat with its odd smell that won’t leave and peeling kitchen floors, I can only dream of my future writer’s room. It will be a room all of my own. As an introvert living with her partner, having my very own space will be heaven. 

The walls will be painted light sky blue or the lilac of a cloudy dusk. A colour that makes me think of the freedom of the sky. One wall will be shrine to my future (hypothetical) white wolf art collection. Featuring Ghost, Amaterasu, Moro’s clan, and the white wolf from Balto. My Harry Potter artwork will hang on another wall, perhaps above a low bookcase where my Lego Hogwarts will reside (once it’s complete). 

There will be a white desk up against one wall behind a comfortable desk chair. The desk will be minimal but with a leafy plant. Sat at this desk I will be able to see trees out the window. They are my muse. Above it will hang a metal mesh notice board stuffed with doodles, hastily written ideas and postcards with inspirational quotes. It will be covered with natural light. The floor will be pale wood. No brown carpets here.

The room won’t just be for writing. There will be a bed for seeking refuge when insomnia and tinnitus collide to make my nights into nightmares. Perhaps that will be the perfect time for writing.

There will be worlds to escape to also. All my books in one place. A screen and console for video games. The multi-purpose gaming laptop (that won’t match the rest of the room) will have pride of place on the desk. Both writing tool and distraction. 

Here I see myself writing and finishing my barely begun novel. Here my blog will thrive. Here creativity will spill from my fingers. Here I will find myself. 

Welcome to my writer’s room.

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